ONEMOTOR Smart Charger

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ONEMOTOR Smart Charger

Additional ONEMOTOR Smart Charger for Compact and Extended Battery Packs

(Note:  All ONEMOTOR Complete Packages include one Smart Charger)

Dual-Voltage 110/220V

1 lb, 9oz (0.7kg)

7.0 x 3.5 x 2.0 in (18.0 x 9.0 x 5.0 cm)


ONEMOTOR’s Battery Pack is charged with a unique high-current auto-switching charger, with multiple customized features designed to make charging your ONEMOTOR as easy as it is optimal.

4 Amp / 200 Watt Max Power Output

Many E-Bike chargers are limited to 100 Watts, but ONEMOTOR has double the power, so it can fully charge even the large Extended Battery Pack in under 2 hours, and the Compact Battery Pack in just an hour and a half.

Built-in Magnetic Jack

Our magnetic Battery Pack connectors can plug DIRECTLY into the charger. Not only is this slick and super-easy to use, but it also saves having to carry a 2nd bulky cable with the Charger (one cable for A/C, one cable to connect to the Battery). And since our Battery Pack already has a 2.5-ft long cable built in, it makes no sense to have a duplicate!

Automatic Charge Rate Selection

Our Battery Pack connectors are uniquely coded so that the Charger can detect whether a Compact or Extended Battery Pack is connected, and adjust the charging rate accordingly (2A for Compact, 4A for Extended). This way you can use ONE charger for all your Battery Packs, and there's never any worry about accidental over-charging.

Charging Voltage Display

LED display shows charger output voltage at all times, allowing you to track the status of your battery charge cycle.