"Who would have thought that a lowly friction drive unit would be equal or surpass the electric bike hub wheel, the king of the ebike world "

"Over the weekend I put the OM on the regular bike and took my kid over the bridge to Greenpoint. That was fantastic!"

"Flew by everyone else and felt totally superhuman!"

"OneMotor is just a sheer joy to use and it does it’s main job to perfection, it makes bicycling not just fun but really a lot of fun"

"My scooter ride back home was great.. I was flying!"

"Climbing that bridge has never been so easy. On the 3-speed sharebike, 3rd gear felt like 1st gear!

"I felt like freaking Superman. Completely smoked people and left them in the dust!"



Attaches to Any Platform: Bikes, KickBikes, Scooters & even Bikeshare

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Mounts Almost Anywhere: Front Wheel or Rear Wheel

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 Unique Ecosystem of Universal and Custom mounts means you can fit almost any Bike or Scooter

For Amazing Power, Speed, & Range w/ Minimal Weight

 Motor Module Can Be Installed or Removed in Seconds

Patented Dual-Action Levers Are Fast, Easy, & Secure

  • On or Off in One Second!
  • No Need To Disconnect Battery
  • Spring Locking Dual Plunger Mechanism
  • Ultra-strong Diecast Aluminum Levers

Modular Battery Packs Use Quick-Release Mount

Ultra-Flexible Mounting System Works on Any Bike Or Scooter Frame

  • On or Off in a Few Seconds!
  • Utilizes the Topeak QR CageMount Quick-Release bicycle frame mount system
  • Easily mount to standard water-bottle cage braze-ons found on most bikes
  • OR use one of the numerous cage-mount adaptors on the market

Retractable Battery Cable With Easy Magnetic Connector

The Most Versatile Battery Cable System On The Market

  • Connect or Disconnect and Extend or Retract in Seconds!
  • Locks at any length, up to 32 inches (0.8m)
  • High-gauge aerospace-grade cable for unparalleled flexibility and durability
  • Highest-quality Magnetic power connector on the market

Wireless Pedal Assist Sensor Snaps On Magnetically

The Industry's Coolest and Most Advanced PAS Sensor

  • On or Off in a Second!
  • High-strength Neodymium magnet for Secure Hold on Almost any Bike
  • Also attaches to Motor Module magnetically for Transport
  • No wires to route and Nothing to install on your Bike
  • Not only detects pedaling for Motor activation, but also continuously monitors pedal cadence
  • Backpedaling activates Regenerative Braking automatically
  • Long-life battery with 10 hours use and 10 days standby
  • Easy charge via USB

Optional Smart Wireless Controller Clips On Instantly

Incredibly Feature-Packed & Small Enough to Mount Anywhere

  • On or Off in a Second!
  • Utilizes the CatEye Bike Computer Mount System
  • High Resolution OLED displays key operating info
  • Two-Direction Control Stick for variable Throttle & Brake & PAS / TW Level +/- control
  • Dual Side Buttons Plus Center Button for Menu Control
  • Long-life battery with 10 hours use and 10 days standby
  • Easy charge via USB

Use Wireless PAS, Wireless Controller, or Both | With or Without The Phone App | Ultimate Flexibility

Full Synchronization of Wireless Controller, Wireless PAS, and Smartphone App For Ultimate Control Flexibility

  • Operate ONEMOTOR In PAS Mode Using Only the Wireless PAS Sensor
  • OR In Throttle Mode Only Using the Wireless Controller
  • OR In Combined Throttle/PAS Using Both!
  • Add in the Phone App For Even Greater Control + A Full Dashboard
  • Full Synchronization For Seamless Control

Patented Motor Control System Transforms Friction Drive For Perfect Operation Automatically

The Only Friction Drive Solution with Dynamic Control of Engagement AND Pressure

  • Multi-Year Proprietary Development Has Revolutionized Friction Drive
  • Enables It To Compete With Performance and Efficiency of Other E-Bike Powertrains
  • Patented System Enables TRUE Automatic Traction Control
  • Gives You Complete Control of When The Motor Engages With The Tire
  • Automatically Adjusts Pressure Of Motor On Tire To Optimize Efficiency and Maintain Performance in Any Weather Conditions
  • Proprietary Treaded Urethane Belt Maximizes Grip and Minimizes Tire Wear

Sophisticated Motor Control Enables Ultra-Quiet Operation

And When You're Done, Easily Transform It to a Compact One-Piece Device for Transport